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Course Features

Contemporary, standards-aligned online high school courses

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Video Introduction

Watch our 3-minute introduction to CampusNorth’s online high school courses. Take a quick tour of our Human Health: Medicine course, and find out how our curriculum is different from first generation online courses.

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iPhone screen showing answer feedback for multiple choice question

Comprehensive Assessments

CampusNorth online high school courses are offered with professionally-designed formative and summative assignments and integrated testing. We include both tutor and computer-graded items, allowing for a range of course delivery options.

  • 260-300 Computer-Graded Multiple Choice Questions
  • 16 Tutor-Graded Extended Response Questions
  • 16 Web Activities and Critical-Thinking Questions
  • 40+ Reflection Questions
  • Complete Answer Rubrics
  • Teacher Guides

List of APA references in online marine biology course

Academic Integrity

Our content is developed by a team of professional academics, high school teachers, technical editors, and subject matter experts. Every unit of our online high school courses is fully referenced using APA citation and contains frequent links to primary sources.

  • Benchmarked for Cognitive Level and Readability
  • iThenticate Verified for Content Originality
  • Over 40,000 Words of Instructional Content
  • Peer-Reviewed for Grade Level
  • Used by Leading Public, Charter, and Virtual Schools

Online high school courses displayed on iPad, iMac and iPhone

Responsive Design

Our HTML5 online high school courses are designed to look great in all modern browsers. Our semantic, standards-based approach to web development means usable, accessible content, ready for desktop or mobile browsers.

  • Cross-Browser Compatible
  • Easy to Update
  • iPad-Ready – 100% HTML5/CSS3 Layout
  • Section-504 and Section-508 Compliant
  • Standards-Based Architecture
  • W3C Valid Markup

iPad screen showing CampusNorth courses in the Canvas LMS


Our courses are flexible and adaptable for classroom, blended, or online delivery. Administrators can easily add, remove or adapt instructional content and assessment items to meet specific academic requirements. Content is ready to import to existing learning management systems.

  • Blackboard®
  • Brainhoney®
  • Canvas® by Instructure
  • CompassLearning Odyssey®
  • Desire2Learn®
  • Moodle

Standards Aligned

Our academic writers and curriculum editors develop meticulously researched, grade-appropriate online courses with clear learning objectives and key vocabulary defined throughout. Instructional content and assessments are aligned to Common Core State Standards, iNACOL’s National Standards for Quality Online Courses, and existing state standards where available.

HD Videos

Our courses feature full HD video clips, embedded using our iPad-compatible HTML5 video player, streaming video without the use of Flash. A conventional video player is provided for users of older browsers.

Audio Narration

Our voice artists record word-perfect audio narration, allowing auditory learners to listen to the entire online course. Our HTML5 audio player can handle audio playback on a range of devices including iPhone, iPad, and Android.


By highlighting and clicking on any word in key vocabulary lists, students can access a popup Macmillan® Dictionary window, providing concise definitions, related dictionary definitions, and pronunciation guidance.

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